International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
SunLuxe is certified ISO 9001 which is a set of procedures covering all key processes in the business and monitoring processes to ensure they are effective. All product assembly lines are continuously checked for defects, with appropriate and corrective action where necessary. We also regularly review individual processes and the quality systems for effectiveness and facilitating continual improvement.

SunLuxe is actively involved with REACH regulations aiming to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks of chemicals, within the EU. SunLuxe believes in the transparency of our efforts to continuously integrate with EU international obligations under the World Trade Organization (WTO).

ENERGY STAR (North America)
SunLuxe actively builds and develops Energy Star products each year. SunLuxe ENERGY STAR qualified lighting provides bright, warm light but uses about 75% less energy than standard lighting, producing 75% less heat, and lasting up to 10 times longer.

SA8000 Certification
SunLuxe is a certified SA8000 manufacturer, which is an international standard for improving working conditions. To certify conformance with SA8000, SunLuxe is frequently audited to assess corporate practice on a wide range of issues and evaluate the state of our company’s management systems, necessary to ensure ongoing acceptable practices. The benefits of SunLuxe adopting SA8000 have been significant, resulting in improved staff morale, more reliable business partnerships, enhanced competitiveness, less staff turnover and better worker-manager communication.
SunLuxe is in full compliance with United States Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism. Annual revisions in this process include access controls, procedural security, conveyance security, physical security, personnel security and educational threat awareness training.
Since 2006, SunLuxe has been in compliance with RoHS directives, which bans the placing on the EU market of new electrical and electronic equipment containing more than agreed levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants.

SunLuxe has an active OQS certificate from Quality Austria signifying that SunLuxe significantly contributes to the further development of “quality management, integrated management systems and excellence” in society and economy as a whole. Quality Austria includes the environment, health and safety in its definition for “Quality”.


UL Standards for Safety (North America)
SunLuxe products are tested to UL's rigorous safety standards with the result that our consumers live in a safer environment. Abiding by UL standards for Safety are essential to helping ensure public safety and confidence, reducing costs and improving the quality of our products.

ETL (North & South America)
SunLuxe works closely with Intertek, who certifies product safety standards by using the ETL Listed Mark. To the SunLuxe customer, the ETL Mark is assurance that the product is compliant with safety standards, having been tested and certified by a professional third-party organization.

NOM (Central America)
SunLuxe products entering Mexico or Central America must be tested to national, mandatory NOM standards by an accredited Mexican laboratory. NOM certificates are non-transferable. However, since SunLuxe is a NOM holder, we may extend our NOM certification usage to our Mexican distributors, who may then obtain their own NOM certification without additional testing.

CE (European Union)
By affixing CE to our products, SunLuxe is declaring our commitment to procedure compliance with the relevant European directives. To be sure that our product is in compliance with these directives, we utilize KEMA product certification.

KEMA (European Union)
KEMA is the professional safety certification lab used by SunLuxe for Europe dealing with electrical safety for the consumer market or the industrial market. KEMA’s extensive knowledge of national and international standards and specifications are invaluable in our quest for quality and safety.

CSA (Canada)
SunLuxe works with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) whose primary purpose is establishing safety and performance standards, including those for electrical, electronic and industrial equipment.

Standards Australia
Australian Standards set the specifications and design procedures to ensure goods and services consistently perform in the way they are intended. It coordinates standardisation activities, develops internationally aligned Australian Standards® that deliver Net Benefit to Australia, and facilitates the accreditation of other Standards Development Organisations.