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The technologies that Sunluxe Enterprises has accumulated for the past 11 years are the foundation for our future growth. Looking to the future, in addition to our existing product fields, Sunluxe will concentrate on the development of green energy products, while promoting green manufacturing practices. We remain committed to our research and development and the pursuit of intellectual property anywhere in the world. This will only strengthen Sunluxe’s core competencies and continue our stable operational environment during difficult economic times.


Technology is Sunluxe's foundation, but our employees and recognition from our customers are what drive Sunluxe forward. We believe in choosing the right people for the right jobs. Our aim is to cultivate a pool of the most suitable talents for international technology and management. We have carried out a series of systematic development plans for our global management teams, and we are developing management teams for our future businesses. This will align the training and growth of chosen employees with the direction of corporate development, and meet the needs of high-level management teams in the future. Through its vendor partners, Sunluxe has received Vendor of the Year Awards from Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. Sunluxe products are regularly ranked as top Consumer Report selections.


As Sunluxe pursues new business development, we remain dedicated to our product’s quality, and in turn, providing the most value to shareholders, employees and society as a whole.I wish to take this opportunity to thank our employees for their contributions to the corporation and helping Sunluxe achieve its objectives. I also highly appreciate the continuing support of Sunluxe board members, shareholders, customers and suppliers, who work with us, and enable each other to reach our goals.


Sincerely yours,

Henry Shum



















Open the China Changzhou new Plant



Grand Opening of the Vietnam Factory



Land Acquisition of New Vietnam Factory



New Global Product Launch:

220v Lighting and Renewable energy.



SA8000 certification



Product Launch:

220 V product portfolio



Product Launch:

HID, LED spotlight technology (North America)



Product Launch:

High frequency battery charging technology
(North America)



ISO 9001 certification



Establishes vendor-direct relations with
USA Retailers



Sunluxe opened its doors