6V & 12V Chargers/Maintainers: Full charge, Full power

Maintenance chargers are intended to ensure the vehicle or motorcycle battery is always charged using 2A or float mode. The SunLuxe chargers are versatile in a compact format, making it easy to charge and maintain all 6V & 12V and and sea vehicles. Output voltage is free of interference and voltage peaks, and allows battery to charge directly on the vehicle electrical system without disconnecting the battery. Accessories include battery clips/o-rings and 12V DC adapter.


Compact and multi-functional: Engine Start feature

Compact and quality built high-frequency charger with multifunctional applications. The battery charger is suitable for charging conventional batteries as well as batteries with fixed electrolytes, making it the all-in-one charger for every car. The charger comes with numerous safety features that make it possible to charge installed batteries without having to worry about damage to the board electronics. Using TURBO mode will accelerate the charging process, and initiate the digital display countdown in minutes. SimpleConnect options included.


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Rapid charger with engine diagnostic features

Rapid-start chargers are intended to charge and start the engine immediately. The vehicle’s electrical components are protected against damage during starts and charges. The unit is user friendly with fully automatic features and continuously self-adjusting charge rates. Using ENGINE START mode will initiate the quick start timer, and the digital display countdown in minutes. The RECONDITION mode corrects the acid stratification that often occurs in deep discharged batteries, which results in longer service life. The VOLTAGE test provides both battery voltage level and charging voltage level.


For all automotive voltages: 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V

The Total Solution Charger provides an easy, automatic solution for all charging needs for 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V batteries. The unit has a built-in VOLTAGE tester, 20A high frequency current and automatic MAINTENANCE mode. A simple multi-purpose unit, that automatically selects the correct charging voltage and amperage.


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Self-diagnose the “Check Engine” light in your vehicle

Provides easy to use access codes to check on-board engine light information on-line. Save time and money by diagnosing codes yourself, instead of going to a mechanic. The supporting website provides up to twenty diagnosis code lookups per month for:

• Probable causes for your check engine illumination
• Symptoms you may be experiencing with your check
engine illumination
• Components that are most likely involved or affected by
your vehicle's problem
• Diagnostic summary support sent to your email


The wheeled charging solution for professional needs

The portable garage solution for 12v battery maintenance. The 25 Amp charging current and maintenance function, ensure the quickest and safest charging for wet, gel and AGM batteries. The quick start timer feature starts the vehice in 5 min. The engine scan reader enables the user to self-diagnose the vehicle's on-board engine light. The unit features a voltage test, as well as a recondition mode for the desulphation of lead acid batteries. Also included is a 120 PSI air compressor for vehicle tires, recreational tires, balls, inflatables.


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